How to Know the Content of Your Mind and Evaluate Your Mental Health

Everything you want to know about your own mind is reflected in your own dreams. You can simply learn how to read the unconscious messages in dreams and understand the functioning of your mind. You will be able to evaluate your mental health, and protect your sanity.There are numerous impostors who pretend to be able to interpret dreams. However, the truth is that dream translation is a very complicated practice that only a genius could understand. The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams is complicated because we have to understand the unconscious logic. Only the psychiatrist Carl Jung managed to understand the complex dream language, after seriously studying the logic of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.I could understand his complicated method and follow his steps because I was a literature writer, and my style was very complicated. I was a poet and a philosopher at the same time. My complicated style and my literary talent helped me translate all the dream symbols that Jung couldn’t explain. Later, I simplified his method, discovering a lot more. This is why I’m giving you dream interpretation lessons.Your dreams reflect not only the content of your mind, your mental condition, and all your psychological problems. Your dreams show you also other people’s real psychological content. You are able to see everyone’s wickedness behind their persona, in other words, behind their social mask.You discover also your own mistakes, your own wickedness behind your persona, and the depth of your ignorance. Your dreams reflect everything.You’ll surely stop being proud of yourself after seeing the content of your psyche through dream translation. However, this is good for you. Pride is an idiotic attitude. You should be humble if you want to be wise.Your dreams show you everything that is bad inside you, in the world, and inside everyone else.You may prefer to care only about what is nice and beautiful. However, the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams is your psychiatrist. The unconscious mind produces many dreams for you because you need psychotherapy. You are very far from wisdom.You have to see what is bad because you tend to ignore what you dislike. You avoid paying attention to what is bad. This is an absurd tendency. Unfortunately, this is only one of the numerous absurd tendencies you have inherited. Your dreams show you everything you must learn in order to stop being an animal and evolve.You have to stop believing that what is bad could bring you positive results. There is nothing good in what is bad, from the beginning to the end.The unconscious psychotherapy corrects your behavior, giving you information about the future in order to prepare you for facing difficult situations. For example, dreams about animals always will give you important information about your future, your mental health, or about other people.The snake represents future problems.The bird represents important news.The horse represents a challenge.The lion represents a selfish person.This is a very simplified definition of the real meaning of these dream symbols. I’m only giving you a basic idea of the most important message given by the appearance of one of these animals in a dream.Each one of these dream symbols is a revelation, and each one of them is related to your personality.You’ll see a snake if you are making a serious mistake. This is why you’ll have future problems. Your mental health is in danger.You’ll see a bird giving you good news if you deserve them. Otherwise, the news will be bad. Your mental health could be in danger.The horse shows you that you must show courage, even if you don’t feel you are strong. Your mental stability must be perfect. Otherwise, you won’t manage to surpass all the obstacles you have to face.The lion could represent someone you don’t know how to objectively judge. You could easily lose your sanity because of this person if you’ll believe that their false image (persona) is real.Whatever happens to you can affect your fragile mental health, and this is why it is reflected in your dreams. You must be aware of all dangers.The unconscious messages are not pleasant. Your natural psychiatrist shows you everything that is bad exactly in order to help you eliminate what is bad.Without eliminating what is bad, how can you find peace and happiness?You may believe that you can be happy besides everything that is bad in your life because you are an under-developed primate. However, this is impossible. You’ll never be happy if there is something bad in your mind, or something bad in your life.For example, if you had traumatic experiences that made you acquire a post-traumatic stress disorder, or if you have a problematic relationship, you cannot find happiness in life. You cannot simply ignore your pain.You have to eliminate what is bad. In other words, you must recuperate your self-confidence and peace of mind. You have to fix your relationship or find your freedom.I’m giving you very clear examples in order to help you understand what I mean. However, you usually cannot see what is bad in your life. You cannot perceive many details that are responsible for your suffering.The unconscious mind shows you everything you cannot perceive in the dream images, helping you acquire sound mental health. Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation discovering a lot more, learning the dream language is very simple. Let’s see if you’ll be a good student and follow the unconscious lessons, so that you may really reap all the benefits you can have with this knowledge.

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